Alex and Kristen

Gosh, Alex and Kristen really are the cutest couple! It really makes our job easy when two people are so in love and relaxed with one another. You just can't pose some things, and we really didn't have to pose much with these two. They are fun, easy-going, kind and sweet. What a joy it was to witness their wedding ceremony and capture their special moments throughout the day.

I think that this was truly one of the sweetest parent bridal reveals I've ever seen. Beyond all the planning and details that go into the day, one of the most amazing things to see is a family that shares a special bond. You just can't fake these emotions. Capturing these once in a lifetime moments and reactions is truly what makes our job so special.

Kristen was a beautiful bride! She really just exuded joy and happiness all day. Her dress was SO pretty and fluffy! We loved the ballroom skirt and jeweled top.

Alex and Kristen had their wedding at the beautiful Oak View Wedding and Events near Owatonna. From the getting ready rooms to the outdoor settings, this place made a perfect backdrop for their wedding day.

Alex and Kristen had a great wedding party, too! As you will see, there are lots of fun, candid pictures throughout the day.

All in all, we had a blast with these two and we wish them the very best! We know these two are going to have a good life together.

Thank you, Alex and Kristen, for letting us capture your special day! You guys are some of our favorite people!

Wedding Venue: Oak View Weddings and Events

Decorations and Flowers: Stargazer Designs

Food: Torey's