Adam and Kayla

Adam and Kayla are truly some of the nicest people you could spend the day with, and we had a blast hanging with them on their special day! They are both so down-to-earth, genuine and kind that it made our job easy. The way these two just enjoyed each other's company throughout the day made this wedding day sweet, sincere and full of love... the way a wedding should be!

We were absolutely  in love with Kayla's gold-toned dress. The beautiful lace details made it timeless and classic. Plus her head piece really could be a family heirloom.

Kayla just radiated joy throughout the day and her smile is so contagious. You could tell Adam was head-over-heels for his bride.

Adam and Kayla's reveal was all sweetness and happy tears. When a groom get s a little choked up seeing his bride, those are the priceless moments you just can't pose or 'make' happen.

We loved shooting their photos in New Ulm by an old brewery! You just can't beat old architecture for a backdrop.

The rest of their day was beautiful as family and friends gathered to watch them commit their lives to one another and to celebrate with them afterwards.

We were truly honored to share in their day and we wish them the very best!

Congratulations, you two!