Tim and Linnay

Watching Tim and Linnay get married was such a privilege! Their sweet love story permeated through every moment and detail of their wedding day.

During the bridal reveal, Tim surprised Linnay with a special song while she walked in the room. How sweet is that??!! I mean, really?! He also gave her a gift commemorating their first date which included a tractor ride. Sentimentality at its finest!

Both Tim and Linnay were so relaxed and easy-going throughout their wedding, and fun to photograph. We even made it out to the family farm after the ceremony for some great shots! When family heritage can be woven into a wedding day, it really is the best!

The Cat and Fiddle Ballroom in New Ulm made for a fun reception venue, and we got some of our favorite end-of-the-day shots outside.

All in all, it was a great wedding day! Congratulations Tim and Linnay!