Love. Classic. Romantic. These are the words we want your grandchildren to see when they look at your wedding photos. We also want you to relive moments like your first 'married' kiss, your vows, your Mom's happy tears, and your first dance. We believe in your unending love story, and we want to capture and preserve it for future generations to behold.

Our style is inherently classic. Tuxes, bridal gowns, rings, roses and chandeliers are just a few of our favorite things to photograph. The majority of our images are in color, but we also love the timeless effect of black and white images. We believe that outdoor/natural lighting offers the most authentic effect to your shots, so we strive to shoot your main photos (bride and groom, bridal party, family, etc) outside as much as possible, no matter the season!

Brides, we also want you to know that we are here to serve you and basically be your best friend on your wedding day. That's why you will often find us offering you water, carrying your train and crying at your ceremony. We truly feel blessed and honored that you would allow us to walk beside you on your wedding day.

About us: Sisters-in-law by marriage, but sisters by heart, we love taking pictures together. Ashley specializes in capturing the main shots (front and center!) while Chelsea captures side views and specializes in editing. When we are not photographing weddings, Ashley is running her home studio, Ashley Dawson Photography, and raising her two beautiful boys with her husband, Chad. Chelsea is running her music studio, The Music Box Piano Studio, and raising two beautiful boys on the farm with her husband, Joel. We make the perfect photography duo and we hope to work with you soon!